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Join Our Social Network, The One Not Directed by David Fincher

Ladies and gentlemen, the buzz is building around the continued excitement of Curbed Fall Reset Week. Perhaps you'd like to intern for us, or be a Curbed tipster? Too hands-on? Well then, here are some easy ways to to stay in the loop about Curbed happenings during those times you're at your computer but not actually reading Curbed. You know, the sad times.

1) 'Like' us on Facebook: Facebook has 500 million users, and yet only 1,727 of them are fans of Curbed. How can you correct this unfortunate situation? By heading on over to our Facebook page and clicking the Like button, of course! That way our top stories will appear in your Facebook news feed, and you can write nasty things on our wall. Double win!

2) Follow us on Twitter: Our Twitter user name recently changed from Curbed to CurbedNY, foreshadowing some big changes around here. You would've known this had you already been following us on Twitter! It's not too late, we swear. Take the plunge.

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