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East Village's Priciest Pad Finally Finds a Buyer

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The triplex penthouse atop the Brick House Condominiums has had eight different asking prices in four years, but it looks like it finally found one that works! The 3,700-square-foot loft in the former warehouse at 6 East 1st Street is now in contract, EV Grieve notes, signaling the home stretch of this long journey. The penthouse hit the market in November '06 for $5.35 million and eventually climbed as high as $7.35 million (while also being offered for rent at $25,000/month). It settled in at $5.995 million, which was the price when the unit went to contract. According to StreetEasy it's currently the most expensive East Village apartment on the market, with bells and whistles including a built-in espresso maker, 50-bottle wine fridge, 13' ceilings, central air, heated floors and mondo terraces. It'll be interesting to see what this neighborhood kingpin sold for.

· Listing: 6 East 1st Street [Halstead]
· After nearly 4 years, First Street penthouse finally in contract [EV Grieve]

6 East 1st Street

6 East 1st Street, New York, NY 10003