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Broadway's Poetry Pulverizer Shows Its Face

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Poet Frank O'Hara died during the birth of the preservation movement in New York City, and it didn't seem like he was that big a fan. About New York City, he told a friend, "You have to just keep tearing it down and building it up," and that's precisely what's happened to his final NYC apartment building, a lofty little number at 791 Broadway across the street from Grace Church. The tearing-down was completed last year, the building-it-up kicked into overdrive a few months back, and now here's the new kid on the block. We'll have to break out our Ouija board to get Frank's thoughts on the matter now.

The glass balconies and windows aren't fully installed, so it's a bit early for a full Rendering/Reality comparison, but we'd be remiss in not pointing out the facade reveal. The 8-unit BCN Development building will be rentals, with two-bedrooms starting around $3,750 per month. A bit steeper than in O'Hara's days. Another shot:

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