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New $8M Listing in the Building Whose Name Should Never Be Said

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We are big fans of River House, the stately old East Side co-op that's so prestigious, brokers are told not to mention the building by name (though some would argue the building is a has-been). Specifically we love the rooms of River House, because old-money style doesn't get any older, friends. So it's with great pleasure that we point you to the newest listing in the building, #15B, a 3BR/4.5BA slice of floorplan porn (lovin' that terrace!) asking $8.25 million. Showings don't begin until next week, but here's a preview. Musty!

· Listing: 435 East 52nd Street [BHS]
· Old-Money Style on Display in the Rooms of River House [Curbed]

The Riverhouse

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