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Magnolia Bakery Customers Continue to Ruin Bleecker Street

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Over the years the West Village's Magnolia Bakery has been called out for the trashpocalypse left in the wake of its clientele, specifically the Sex and the City tourists that people love to bash. Village Voice critic Robert Sietsema got in on the action, and for a while the bakery's employees made it a point to clean up the cupcake refuse left in the park diagonally across the street from Magnolia. This practice has lapsed, and now Sietsema is once again taking Magnolia behind the shed for a whuppin'. He's also adding another complaint to the list: Get out of the bike lane, cupcake fiends!

Sietsema writes on Fork in the Road:

It happens all year long but is particularly noxious for bikers when the pavement is icy: Magnolia Bakery customers park their cars -- often unattended -- in the bike lane in front of the store, forcing bikers to swerve on icy pavement into a rushing and honking lane of traffic. This picture was taken last evening, when there were plenty of actual parking spots across the street, and on West 11th around the corner. It seems that folks in SUVs horny for cupcakes can't be bothered walking 50 feet for them. Cops come by in cars, glance out the window with blasé expressions, and drive on.And we can't blame them. Ever try to reprimand a Samantha fan? Meow!
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