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Manhattan's 1-Percenters Get Too Much Attention

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[This week, real estate appraiser, Curbed graph guru, and podcaster extraordinaire Jonathan Miller rings in the new year with a call to arms: Ignore the megasales!]

It seems like the top 10% of the Manhattan market gets 90% of the media coverage so I thought I'd provide a little context for our voyeurism. The $10M price threshold represents roughly the top 1% of the market. The inset pie chart shows the remainder of the breakdown by sales activity. Sales of less than $1M make up 59% of the Manhattan housing market.

I'm not suggesting that 59% of the market is inexpensive, but I've grown weary of the exclusive focus on such a small sliver – I'm thinking we need more context in Manhattan's real estate image and perhaps fewer pet spas, no?
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