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855 Sixth Avenue Will Eventually Become 40-Story Rental Tower

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The last stop in the long, sad saga of 855 Sixth Avenue was a scheduled foreclosure auction, at which Durst Fetner Associates was expected to take control of the site and put its own stamp on a tower there. For perhaps the first time in the site's history, things happened as expected: the Journal reports that the Durst Fetner partnership will break ground on a 40-story tower at the site within a year. The building will be a glassy Pelli Clarke Pelli creation (guess the old Costas Kondylis design didn't get recycled after all) with at least 300,000 square feet of apartments. Eighty percent will be luxury rentals, with the remaining 20 percent affordable. The tower's base is most likely to be retail, but the Durst Fetner team is also talking to hotel developers. Look out, Beatrice.
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