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Signs Announce Hudson Yards, the 'Next Great Neighborhood'

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The Related Companies has a message for those who doubt that Hudson Yards will ever see the light of day: read it and weep! Related put up signage that wraps the entire site, and we haven't seen such a symbolic flag-planting on a remote piece of land since Neil Armstrong stabbed the Stars & Stripes into the surface of a California sound stage. The banners feature slogans such as "New York's next great neighborhood," and "by the creators of Time Warner Center," and they must be new, because there's no graffiti to be seen. Then again, do taggers get this far west?

Such an occasion can only be celebrated with a photo gallery, and you'll find our tipster's pictures above. Related is pointing people to the Hudson Yards preview website, which features a site plan, some previously unveiled renderings and a few surprises.

Click on "Residential" under the master plan category and you'll see a shot of the West Village's Superior Ink, which was developed by Related and designed by Robert A.M. Stern (who signed up for Hudson Yards), so maybe we'll see a souped-up sequel. As for the "next great neighborhood" thing, Related sees Hudson Yards fitting in with some lofty company:

Hudson Yards represents the next chapter in the development and expansion that New York has experienced throughout its history. Like the construction of Park Avenue over Grand Central's railroad tracks at the turn of the 20th century or the construction of Rockefeller Center during the depths of the Great Depression, Hudson Yards will become New York's next great place; a new commercial center, visited by millions and home to thousands. The mixed-use development is also called part of "Manhattan's new gold coast," but right now we'd take a bronze one if it meant actual progress on this megaproject.
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