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Harlem's St. Claire Condominium Comes Back to Life

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Sales at Harlem's St. Claire on Fifth condo at 2077 Fifth Avenue started back in April 2008. Five of the building's 13 units were in contract before the sales team held a karaoke party to draw prospective buyers to the place. But like many of its fellow boom babies, St. Claire didn't handle the recession well: the building's StreetEasy page shows no sales. Now, finally, the condo is feeling a renewed optimism, with a sales relaunch planned for January 16. A few listings have crept onto the TREGNY website already, with a 2BR, 1BA priced at $615,000 and the most expensive unit so far, a penthouse, at $925,000. Prices started at $700,000 last time around, so there's been a slight downward shift. We're happy for the condo's change in fortunes, but where's our karaoke?

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