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Williamsburg Rental Competition Heats Up With 175 Kent

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[Photos by Will Femia]

With renovated warehouse 184 Kent and its amazing ellipticals heating up the Williamsburg waterfront rental market, the timing is probably good for 175 Kent, which is finally hitting the rental market almost two years after we first got word of it. Of course, the stiff neighborhood competition also means the brokers are offering an increasingly rare one month free and no fee (maybe they should try a van?). The first few listings have hit StreetEasy, and rents range from $2,060/month for a studio to $3,923/month for the priciest 985-square-foot 2BR. A few looks at the exterior above.
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175 Kent Ave.

175 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

184 Kent

184 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Visit Website