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After Rezoning and Recession, DoBro on the Rise Again?

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It's been seven years since the 2004 rezoning of Downtown Brooklyn that made way for the neighborhood's residential development boom. So how'd that go? The Times checks in this weekend, with a lengthy piece chronicling the neighborhood's rise and fall. Good news, DoBro fans: the 'hood's now on the rise again! PriceChops have put sales back on track at slowed buildings like Oro, now 70 percent sold, and Be@Schermerhorn, now 80 percent sold after some of its earliest buyers took refunds in 2009. Plans for two new rentals were released last month. But the winner of the DoBro's Most Inspirational Building contest might be Forté, the building that went underwater on its loan and appeared on a few stalled construction lists before selling out.

Of course, the neighborhood doesn't have everything a prospective buyer/gentrifier might want yet. The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership's wish list includes "a home furnishings store, an Apple computer store and more mundane retail services, like coffee shops, groceries and pharmacies." So we're still guessing the neighborhood should be very nice by 2012.
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