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Nolita's Pop-Up Park; Red Carpet Out at Tribeca's 250 West

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NOLITA?Hey park lovers, what do you do when the winter makes the great outdoors all frigid and stuff? Head to an indoor pop-up park, of course! NYC the Blog brings us word that the OpenHouse Gallery at 201 Mulberry Street has converted a bunch of rooms into a faux-rest, complete with see-saw, bird sounds, fake rocks, trees and more. It's open 11-6 each day until the end of the month. [NYC The Blog]

TRIBECA?OK, now we're really confused about 250 West Street, the big old Tribeca building where recent signs of activity made us believe a stalled condo conversion is back on. A tipster forwarded us a picture taken earlier today showing some colorful new lighting, a red carpet and some sort of plastic bubble that may or may not house paparazzi. Well someonethat runs in cooler circles than us clue is into what's shaking at 250 West? [CurbedWire Inbox]

250 West Street

250 West Street, New York, NY