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'Dr. Doom' Can't Find Buyer or Renter for Tribeca Duplex

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Economist Nouriel Roubini was unmasked last month as the buyer of the $5.5 million triplex penthouse at 6 East 1st Street, the neighborhood's priciest listing. A bold buy for one of the boldest predictors of the housing crash, but a less surprising pick given Roubini's penchant for partying. Of course, the NYU prof has been known for his partying ways since long before he purchased the East Village penthouse, so where did he host his wild shindigs before? At 66 Leonard Street #2/3B, a Tribeca duplex where the noise drove upstairs neighbor Scarlett Johansson so nuts the building changed its party policy. Now that he has his EVill pad, Roubini's ready to unload the one at 66 Leonard, for which he paid $860,000 in 2002. Unfortunately, no one's quite as ready to buy.
The place failed to sell when listed for $1.79 million. Now, The Real Deal reports, it's only available as a rental, for $7,600/month. Much of Roubini's decor?glass bubbles and plaster wall vaginas, for example?is already gone, but it lives on in the listing pics.
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66 Leonard Street

66 Leonard Street, New York, NY 10013