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A Rabbi and John Legend Walk Into a Bowery Condo Building...

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Silky-smooth R&B star John Legend bought a condo at new Bowery luxury tower 52 East 4th Street because he wanted a "unique space in a newer building, with lots of light." If he meant spiritual light, then he's in luck! Last summer we reported that the Chabad at NYU bought two floors in the building's commercial base for $3.6 million, and now the Jewish organization has filed plans to customize the space.

According to the application, Chabad wants to put in a synagogue, library and offices on the second floor of Scarano-on-the-Bowery (the architect-honoring nickname for the skinny tower), and a kitchen, office and multi-purpose room on the third floor. So basically, a typical Saturday afternoon at ScarBow this summer will include residents lounging poolside while a rabbi prays for the Messiah's arrival just beneath their scantily clad tanned bods. Now that's the Bowery 2.0 we've come to know and love.
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52 East 4th Street

52 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003