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Grand Prospect Hall Wants to Make Hotel Dreams Come True

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They've dreamed about. It's been carefully planned. And here is the most important day...of its life. The Grand Prospect Hall?and if you don't know, then the commercial above should fill you in?is finally ready to make good on its plan (or threat) to build on its parking lot, which is right next to the massive historic/cheesy South Slope wedding hall. The Brooklyn Paper reports that Grand Prospect Hall owner Michael Halkias wants to build a 150-room, 11-story hotel called the Hotel Grand Prospect on the site, giving the extended families of the brides and grooms a convenient place to crash. Only there's a problem: Zoning in the area only allows six-story buildings. Fear not, because Halkias has an idea on how to appease the locals. Unless they ride bikes.

The plan also calls for a 400-space parking garage in the new building's base, which "solves the community's [parking] problems," Halkias says. Brooklyn-based Doban Architecture is designing the structure, and while Halkias hasn't submitted plans to the city or announced financing or a timetable, his team will make a preliminary presentation to the local community board this week in order to try and win some local support. And if there's one thing we know about proposed hotels that are twice the size of what zoning allows, it's that they always win community support.
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Grand Prospect Hall

263 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn, NY