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New Penthouse Strategy at One Jackson Square: Furniture!

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After two and a half years on the market, it's clear that even One Jackson Square obsessives (among whom we count ourselves) haven't found their brains scrambled enough by the curvy lobby to hand over $21.5 million for the building's penthouse. The developers think the problem might be a lack of imagination on the part of prospective buyers, who just can't imagine a lived-in version of the glassy space. The solution: borrow a lot of fancy furniture and hire an interior designer to set it all up. Oh, and chop the price down to $18.95 million. We swiped a few pics from the Journal's slideshow to compare with our last, slightly less finished look inside the place. If you fall in love with those Mongolian lamb hair-covered kitchen stools, good news: they are also for sale!
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One Jackson Square

122 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10006