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Politicians Shield the Suburbs From Rent Stabilization Battle

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Not so fast on that deal to link the State Assembly's beefed-up rent regulation proposals to Andrew Cuomo's highly desired property-tax cap. Cuomo just said the two issues should be considered separately, and besides, like he wanted to get thrown into the rent control cauldron his first month in office? Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is also pulling back a bit, as well. The Post reports that the Lower Manhattanite said he had no intention of linking the hot-button (city) issue of renewing and strengthening rent control laws with the hot-button (suburban) issue of property tax relief.

"Linking" in an official, legislative sense, of course. Silver still argued that rent regulation and the tax cap both protect New Yorkers from "enormous spikes" in housing costs, so we're sure this issue will be revisited once Cuomo's new governor smell wears off.
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