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TV Brokers Chat; Gyllenhaal Puts in Coop Shift?; FiDi Rents Go Up

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BROKERVILLE?If you watch HGTV's Selling New York?or read our recaps?then you need no introduction to the series's two puppet masters, Shaun Osher and Michele Kleier. The two broker bosses are never seen coming face-to-face on the show, but they do in the above clip, which kicks off Osher's re-launched CORE Talks video interview series. Bonus: The interview takes place inside the Stanhope. Va va voom. [CORE Talks]

PARK SLOPE?The Gyllenhaals continue to try to make the rest of Brooklyn believe that they are ordinary humans. First Jake rides the Q train and now a tipster reports that big sis Maggie Gyllenhaal was working a Park Slope Coop shift around noon today. No photo evidence, so we're still in disbelief. Any other witnesses? [CurbedWire Inbox]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Platinum Properties released its 2010 Year End FiDi Report, the firm's fourth-annual look at the 'hood's rental market. It's available for download on their website, but here are some highlights: Average rents in FiDi went up about 5% or more from last year, concessions (including the occasional four months free) were offered on 57% of leases, and an average 1BR will cost you $3,013 per month. [CurbedWire Inbox]