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Incredible Mott Street Loft is a Millionaire Bookworm's Paradise

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Not only is this 3,200-square-foot loft a stunner, but it also gives hope to New York's overeducated and underemployed class of media serfs. The loft, at Nolita's 262 Mott Street (a former Civil War armory), belonged not to a banker or celebrity, but a McSweeney's editor, who the Observer reports moved in as a bachelor and eventually combined four apartments with his wife, a writer and former New Yorker editor. How bookish! Literally! The condo has movable walls of bookshelves. Who says print is dead?

Such humble people can't hold on to a trophy like this forever?we believe Mayor Bloomberg wrote that into the City Charter?and so the owners have moved to a $1.75 million brownstone in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn being a place where the literary-minded can roam the streets without the fear of wedgies. This apartment was first listed for $4.25 million, but finally sold for $3.525 million?to the wife of an investment firm executive. Nice story, but a predictable ending. To the floorplan!

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