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Nothing Can Stop Ridgewood's Moment, Except Maybe the Truth

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The Metro, one of the city's most esteemed free publications found on the empty subway seat next to you, has anointed three parts of the city as the up-and-coming neighborhoods of 2011. They are Hell's Kitchen, Harlem's Frederick Douglass Boulevard (so last year!) and Ridgewood. Yes, that's right, Ridgewood, the Brooklyn/Queens border town of working-class dreams, has now been labeled cool in video and print! The paper writes:

The L train is at it again as a breeder for new artist neighborhoods; and this time, Ridgewood is the beneficiary of the gentrification bug spreading east. With three galleries popping up — Outpost, Famous Accountants, Regina Rex — and new condo developments hitting the market (such as The Times BLDG, and High View Estates), the hood has finally started to get the attention of the public that has been so enamored by the maturation of Williamsburg and Bushwick.But not everyone is buying "The Next Bushwick" hype. One local tells Gothamist: "Recent media talk of the 'gentrification' of Ridgewood seems over-blown." Unfortunately he was priced out of his apartment by the time he finished that sentence.
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