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FiDi's 20 Pine Has the Perfect Solution to the Snowpocalypse

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When FiDi condo conversion 20 Pine hit the market, the sales strategy was Shvotally about the top of the luxury pecking order: Armani Casa-designed interiors, a pool, a 24-hour sales office perfect for the busiest high-earners of the finance world. Yesterday, a 20 Pine press release landed in our inbox advertising...the building's private subway entrance. How the mightiest of luxury condo conversions has fallen!
It’s been said that, “You can’t beat Mother Nature.” The person saying that probably didn’t have private subway access. After shoveling out from the last blizzard, New Yorkers can look forward a forecast filled with snow and its attendant inconvenience and drudgery. But 20 Pine The Collection has a solution -- a private secured subway entrance to the 2,3,4,5, J and M trains. Residents need only take the elevator a few floors down to the subcellar level, where they can gain a snow free access to a passage that leads to the Chase Plaza Concourse. When returning home, 20 Pine residents can access the subcellar level through a private underground walkway via secure key card. Of course, for those who won't deign to take the subway have snow days, the press release also reminds us of 20 Pine's Full Swing (TM) Golf Simulator. That's more like it!
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