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Boutique Hotel and Restaurant to Replace Bowery's Salvation

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Now that it's nestled between a new luxury condo tower/synagogue and the esteemed Bowery Hotel, the clock is ticking on the old Salvation Army shelter at 347 Bowery. Indeed, the vacant building was targeted for conversion into a high-end sushi restaurant/nightclub in 2009, but the plans got derailed over complaints about yet another glitzy establishment opening on the Bowery. The restaurant's backers threatened that if their plans didn't get approved the site would be targeted for a much larger condo or hotel. Neighbors were unmoved, and torpedoed the proposal. Oops!

The Post's Lois Weiss reports that the Paris-based Louzon Group has purchased the corner building at East 4th Street for $7.6 million and plans to build a 65-room boutique hotel and restaurant on the site. And if that's not a big enough poke in the eye of Community Board 3, the new hotel will be designed by architect Gene Kaufman, whose hotel portfolio, well?let's just say it underwhelms some folks. According to Weiss, it was Kaufman who found the site for the Louzon Group and helped broker the deal, so if irate neighbors are looking for a doorstep upon which to place some flaming bags of dog poop, Kaufman's crib is probably a lot closer than Paris.
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[Building photo via PropertyShark.]