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Anticipated San Remo Record-Breaker Sells at $3 Million Off

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We've been waiting since September for the predicted record-breaking closing at the San Remo, an Upper West Side co-op where a 19th-floor apartment was reportedly in contract for more than $15 million. That apartment, #PH19C, listed for $17.5 million, has finally sold?but it wasn't a record-breaker. The final price was only $14.5 million, a nice deal for buyers Bennett and Margaret Goodman. Bennett Goodman, like seller Richard A. Smith, appears to be a finance type, an easy thumbs-up for a comparatively lenient but occasionally skittish co-op board. Was the rumored record-breaking sale actually to a different buyer then turned down by the board, or did the Goodmans negotiate some concessions?

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San Remo

145 Central Park W, New York, NY 10023