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New Midtown Luxury Tower's Neighbor: Secret Swingers Club!

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The area around the Empire State Building is no crown jewel of a neighborhood, but the developers of the new Setai Fifth Avenue condo and hotel have said their tower will single-handedly improve the region's character. We're guessing that will be accomplished through the building's astronomical asking prices and luxury amenities like an ice cave, but before the neighborhood becomes the new Central Park West, let's take a moment to salute those endangered local establishments?like the Carousel Couples Club, the secretish swingers club with events like Porn Star Fridays and Cougar Mondays. Does the Setai really want to cage these cougars?

Writes a tipster, "I wonder if the concierge at the Setai Midtown knows they are conveniently located next to a swinger's club. The Carousel Swinger's Club is located at 11 W 36th Street, buzzer #4, just a few doors around the corner from the Setai." Are you kidding? The Setai's spa practically sounds like a swingers club itself! We wouldn't be surprised if the concierge points residents the Carousel's way. The club's website states its location as "two blocks from the Empire State Building," but the specific address is found elsewhere on the web. Like the Setai, the Carousel also has an impressive list of amenities:

Lounge Area, Free Setup Soda Area, Professional music system, Ladies Changing Room, Voyeurs Area, See-through Exhibitionist’s Room, Couples Dark & Intimate “Conversation Rooms,” Clean rest rooms and shower. A freshly laundered towel and personal item locker is provided upon request.It's no ice cave, but at least the accommodations are a heck of a lot cheaper.
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Setai Fifth Avenue

400 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY