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$4M Wooster Street Penthouse Addicted to the PriceChopper

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Chopper, the penthouse at 43 Wooster Street wishes it knew how to quit you. The duplex penthouse has already been inducted once into the PriceChopper Hall of Fame, for cutting its ask from $12.5 million to $5.9 million back in 2008. It took a (probably wise) break from the market, but when it returned in 2009, it couldn't resist another chop, to $5.25 million. A tipster points out that the place is back on the market for the still-lower price of $3.995 million. (It last sold for $4.171 million in 2006.) The furniture is still available with the apartment (and there are more chandelier photos where that came from), but maybe the owners just should have copied the successfully-sold renovation next door.

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