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Leroy Street Carriage House Tries Again at Exact Same Price

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2009: not a great year for 11 Leroy Street, the West Village carriage house owned by ad mogul Louise McNamee and PanAm exec Peter McHugh. The owners attempted a sale for $9.95 million in May, but gave up after finding no takers by June 2010. We give up, too, if we couldn't unload our two wood-burning fireplaces, private outdoor space, two-car garage, guest quarters, and wine cellar. What has this world come to? But retirement has moved McNamee and McHugh to Charlottesville, the Observer notes, and that leaves them with one too many West Village carriage houses. So 11 Leroy is back on the market, with a new broker but the same exact ask of $9.95 million. Second time's the charm?
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