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$3.1M Townhouse in Park Slope Forgot Kitchen?

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Here's one that's going to get all you brownstone lovers salivating. 878 President Street is on the market for $3,139,000. The interior looks great and the proportions of the rooms are fairly decent (the master bedroom stands out) so it's hard to believe that isn't a potential buyer out there for the place. Aaand here's the catch. The kitchen for what would be the owner's triplex is looking pretty anemic and pathetic in comparison to the rest of the house. We couldn't even find it on the floorplan at first! That combined with the psychological barrier of surpassing the $3,000,000 mark for what isn't an exceptionally wide house isn't going to do it any favors though. Let's try $500,000 or so less and see where it goes?

· Listing: 878 President Street