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Get Your Own Apthorp "Quadrant"!

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You haven't really lived until you've checked out the floorplan for this 8,400 square foot 10 bed 8 bath Apthorp behemoth. It's a full "quadrant" of the beguiling shitshow, and it's on the market for $17,000,000 so it's about $2,000 per square foot. Currently units A and B are combined and the "C-line has been partially demolished and awaits the attention of its new owner" so the floorplan is just a vision of what could be at this point. We'd love to stick around, but we've been walking around this floorplan in our head and we'd really like to get back to it.

Listing: 390 West End Avenue unit 9ABC [Corcoran]

Apthorp Building

390 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023