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Turning a Wburg House Into a "Wedding Cake"

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Victoria Robinson and Nicole Eisenman renovated a house on Powers Street in Williamsburg, turning a run down crap shack complete with "meth lab" into a really interesting family space. They bought the place in 2004 for $590,000 and got to work renovating it. After a few minor bumps in the road (like a fire) they had put in $200,000 in renovations and were ready to move in. They ended up keeping a lot of the original details, like the old beams, but added tons of character to it. In their own words, "“we feel as if we’re living inside a giant wedding cake.”The future? They're planning on adding another floor to the house for when their two children are older. There's an audio slide show that we recommend because this couple is hilarious and endearing.

· Room to Feed 20 or Play With 2 [NYT]