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Reopened Subway Passage is New York's Prize for Being Good

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If this dingy subway station photo looks like it comes from the early '90s, that's because it does, in a way. Second Avenue Sagas brings word that a tunnel on 50th Street, connecting the southbound 1 train at Seventh Avenue with the northbound C and E at Eighth Avenue, has just been reopened after years of lockup. This was one of the passageways on private property (hence, no free train transfer) that the NYPD asked be closed in the wake of high-profile subterranean sexual assaults. But now that all is well around these parts, the path is clear from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays. Writes SAS, "When it reopened, it still featured evidence of the dearly departed 9 train." Ah, memories!
· Photo of the Day: At 50th St., a passageway reopens [Second Avenue Sagas]