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Even at the Stanhope, Sellers Take Loss on $8M Apartment

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Reality TV, tarnishing a building's reputation? We wouldn't have believed it possible at The Stanhope, the 995 Fifth Avenue building that made an appearance last year on Selling New York. Since then, the building has seen a lawsuit against a beer heiress and, now, a steep loss on the resale of one of its apartments. That would be #9S, a 3BR, 3.5BA that sold in late 2008 for $7,991,418. The buyers, Christopher and Maria Boas, relisted the apartment in May 2010 for $7.995 million. But maybe it was a pied-a-terre they couldn't afford any longer, or perhaps this is the same Chris Boas who's been involved in some high-profile dispute at work. Whatever their reason for needing to unload it, they just sold the apartment?for only $6.5 million. The apartment was purchased by an LLC, thanks to the Stanhope's condop rules, so we have no clues as to the buyer's ID.

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995 Fifth Avenue

995 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY