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What a Williamsburg Marshalls Store Might Look Like

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Williamsburg's 242 Bedford Avenue is a big airplane hanger of a rusted steel shell at N. 4th Street. It's also where The Real Deal reported a CVS and a Marshalls could be setting up shop. The site has been stalled forever, and it's not even 100% clear who currently owns it, but the talks with the two chains are serious enough to sound the alarm. (Marshalls would take some of the ground floor and the entire lower level, and CVS most of the rest of the ground floor.) Plus, with the new drunken Duane Reade right next door, the stores wouldn't even be the first corporate invaders on the block!

It's hard to imagine that one of Bedford Avenue's biggest blights could become a thriving mini-mall, but the property's setup sheet (warning: PDF) from brokerage Metropolitan Skyline features the above glimpse of Williamsburg's future. Real enough for you now? We'd say the arrival of Marshalls would be the final stake through the heart of Williamsburg's hipster cred, but if there's one crowd that can derive ironic pleasure from a size XXXXL Tommy Bahama sweatshirt, it's the population of Williamsburg. Which makes this kind of a genius move by Marshalls, if it happens at all.
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