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Upper East Siders Ask $500K Per Person in Smoke Suit

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Smoking in apartments has already been the cause of a feud or 10, so it takes a little something extra for a secondhand smoke battle to snag our attention. The feud brewing at 501 East 79th Street has got it. Third-floor residents Russell and Amanda Poses have filed a lawsuit against neighbor Harry Dale, accusing him of trying to evict their family using cigar smoke. The Poses family blames the smoke and smells from Dale's apartment for their headaches and respiratory problems. Dale says he's already put in three air cleaners and hired a specialist to get rid of the smell, but the Poses are still asking for $500,000 in damages per family member. They've got some precedent on their side, with a 2006 ruling that secondhand smoke violates the warrant of habitability, but will that be enough?
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