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East River Promenade Shows Off $84 Million in Improvements

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

If it seems like the entire East River waterfront in Lower Manhattan has been under construction for years, that's because it has been. But the East River Park's promenade is no longer a mark of shame, at least not along the Lower East Side and East Village, where the renovation of the two-mile stretch of promenade between Cherry Street an 14th Street is now just about finished. And it only took six years!

There's still 600 feet to go, but most of the 6,600-foot walkway is looking good, even underneath the snow. The $84 million in refurbishments includes boring stuff like replacing sewers and concrete, and fun stuff like two new embayment bridges with fluorescent lights. The whole thing should be done when the weather is warm enough to truly enjoy it. Shout-out to the taxpayers in the crowd.
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