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Hotel May Rise From the Ashes of Collapsed Tribeca Building

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The conversion of the 150-year-old Tribeca building at 71 Reade Street into an upscale boutique hotel hit a bit of a rough spot when a chunk of the building collapsed in 2009, but you can't keep a good business venture down! The Tribeca Trib reports that a group of developers, including Aharon Vaknin, owner of the collapsed building, are ready to proceed with a new hotel plan.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission will soon weigh in on the Goldstein, Hill & West design, but it looks similar to the old design, even if the original cast-iron facade was torn down following the accident. The new design calls for a limestone facade with thin steel arches on top of square window panels, and eight stories in all. Four columns recovered from the old building will be incorporated into the Reade Street storefronts. The hotel extends through the block and would use the 87 Chambers Street address. A nice fit for the Tribeca South Historic District? Hey, it beats a pile of rubble.
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87 Chambers Street

87 Chambers Street, New York, NY