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New Bowery Hotel Revealed; Old Bowery Sobs Uncontrollably

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Brokerage Eastern Consolidated has just announced via press release that the Paris-based Louzon Group has completed its reported purchase of the old Salvation Army residence at 347-349 Bowery for $7.6 million. The Louzon Group will now go ahead with replacing the vacant three-story building with a 72-room boutique hotel and restaurant. This is what it will look like, courtesy of architect Gene Kaufman, who helped the Louzon Group find the site. We prefer to let the design speak for itself. Guess John Legend and his fellow condo buyers next door are going to have a few more eyeballs on their private pool.

Here's how the site looks right now, in its final days. The Bowery 2.0 strikes again!

· Boutique Hotel and Restaurant to Replace Bowery's Salvation [Curbed]