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Dinner Dreams to Become Reality at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6

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Brooklyn chefs who dream of serving visitors in Brooklyn Bridge Park still have time to pursue their waterfront fantasy over on Pier 6 at Atlantic Avenue. The folks in charge are looking for a restaurant operator "to complement the Park's ambiance and aesthetic and surrounding area while providing a convenient service to the public." The full RFP (warning: PDF) includes images of what's in store, showing a chunk of concrete clad in wood and stone. But it will take lots of work to turn this foodie dream into a restaurant reality.

The commitment covers a 12-year lease, and requires the restaurateur to build-out, operate and maintain the waterfront facility. Inducements for concessionaires are the 6,000 park visitors who pass by on any weekend day, plus the slew of potential customers at the pricey 430-unit One Brooklyn Bridge Park condo overlooking the site. What the restaurant will offer should "incorporate ethnically diverse and/or healthy food choices." On-premise alcohol consumption, of the "respectful" sort, will be allowed. The deadline for submissions is January 25, but we suspect the River Café folks are already in a tizzy.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201