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Hilton Hotel Will Try to Fill 42nd Street's Pop-Tarts World Void

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Look, the vacant lot at 136 West 42nd Street (right) is so sad at the departure of neighbor Pop-Tarts World that it's gotten all gray and rainy. Here's something that might cheer it up. We already knew that the Pop-Tarts World spot at 124 West 42nd Street would be replaced by a three-story glass-and-steel building housing food, entertainment, and retail. Now DNAinfo reports that the vacant lot itself is headed for a transformation, into a 30-story hotel. The hotel's future operator isn't talking, but a Cushman & Wakefield exec tells DNAinfo it could become a Hilton. With a remake of the nearby Knickerbocker Hotel also planned, that stretch of West 42nd Street (according to another Cushman exec, "the last un-revitalized portion of Times Square," though we thought there weren't any left) will end up with about 750 new hotel rooms. But will any of them have pop-tarts on the room service menu?
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