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Cast-Iron Tribeca Landmark Enters Year Five of Buyer-Hunting

Back in 1858, cast-iron architecture pioneer James Bogardus built 75 Murray Street for Francis and John Hopkins and their glassware store. Today, it has landmark status, a Streetscapes mention, and its own Wikipedia page. It does not have a happy owner. The place has lingered on the market since 2006, at prices ranging from $17.5 million up to $21 million. After a brief hiatus, it's back on the market with a new broker and an all-caps listing (Warning: potential eyeball destruction). The price tag is still at the building's low point of $17.5 million, for maple floors, exposed brick walls, and a penthouse addition with a roof deck. The new listing is still without photos, but we swiped a few from the previous sales attempt for the gallery above.
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