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Brooklyn Film School Joins the Navy (Yard); LIC's Vere Turns 90

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NAVY YARD?The Brooklyn Navy Yard's Steiner Studios announced a big expansion earlier this week, but it's not only new soundstages that Steiner has planned. The studio gang is teaming up with Brooklyn College to establish a graduate film school at 25 Washington Avenue, which is getting a green renovation (finished product seen above). It will be "the only graduate school in the country seamlessly integrated into a working film lot," a press release chirps. Student cameras start rolling in 2013. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LONG ISLAND CITY?How's this for a success story, LICers: Jackson Avenue's towering Vere, a glassy Robert Scarano classic, has reached "close to 90 percent sold," the building's brokers at Nest Seekers International announced. The remaining apartments in the 43-unit building range from $491,000 (1BR) to $794,000 (2BR). [CurbedWire Inbox]