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Fifth Avenue's Dog-in-Suit Co-op Sells at Massive Discount

If suit-wearing painted pooches could weep, Rover up there would be crying sad doggy tears right now. Not only is he really sick of looking at that couch, but the chintz-covered room he's hanging in has finally sold, along with the rest of 960 Fifth Avenue #5/6B, at a steep discount. Palm Beach mall magnate Murray H. Goldman once dreamed, back in January 2009, of getting $32.5 million for the apartment. But after several chops, buyer Benjamin Steinbruch (a steel and iron exec) paid only $18.875 million, according to the deal that hit public record this afternoon. Good thing Goldman had some wiggle room, having paid only $1.41 million for the place in the 1980s. Relive the Palm Beach-tinted Rosario Candela glory in our old gallery.
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960 Fifth Avenue

960 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY