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Finally, a Happy Ending in Stuy Town: CleanGate is Over!

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There is joy in Stuyvesant Town, friends, as CleanGate?one family's attempt to fight off excessive and allegedly bogus cleaning charges and get their safety deposit returned to them?has ended amicably. According to Lux Living, the Stuy Town watchdog blog that broke CleanGate wide open, Woodward style, the $3,800 in charges were forgiven by newly installed managing agent Rose Associates. Peace in the East (Side)! Well, not quite.

With that gripping scandal concluded, it appears that Lux Living is now engaged in a bitter feud with Rose Associates over something new: A lack of blogger love! Check out the testy e-mail exchange between Lux and Rose's Adam Rose over 1) gross-colored water at 447 East 14th Street and 2) blogger anonymity. You know an email is going to be good when it begins, "This is the first and last email that you will receive from me." Smackdown!
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