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Coney Island's Oldest Building Avoids the Wrecking Ball

Coney Island's Grashorn Building won't be joining Shoot the Freak in the amusement park attraction afterlife. There was never a demolition permit for the 1104 Surf Avenue building, Coney's oldest with a construction date in the 1880s. But with permits out to tear down the Bank of Coney Island, the Shore Hotel, and the Henderson Music Hall, the building's fate did not look bright. So what saved it? Amusing the Zillion points out that unlike its demolished fellows, the Grashorn lot was never rezoned for a 30-story hotel, and hey, anything's better than a vacant lot right near the entrance to Luna Park. The Grashorn Building is now up for lease, so maybe it's time to look back at those restoration renderings?
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