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West Village Penthouse Seeing Double After Three Years

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PHCD at the West Village's piece of prewar Bing and Bing 2 Horatio Street woke up feeling confident yesterday. So confident that it strolled right up the PriceUpper Hall of Fame and knocked on the door. When it was last on the market in 2008, the 3BR, 3.5BA was asking $7.495 million. It went into contract but never sold, and now it's back on the market...asking a whopping $14.95 million. But hey, old-style photos with soft lighting always send us reaching for our wallet.

· Listing: 2 Horatio Street, Unit PHCD [Elliman]
· 2 Horatio Street #PHCD [StreetEasy]

2 Horatio Street

2 Horatio St., New York, NY 10014