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Condos at Midtown's Centurion So New They Aren't Even Painted

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A new building that manages to fly under the radar, like Midtown's I.M. Pei progeny-designed Centurion, can get away with a few things. Like raising prices. Or changing brokers. Or not painting the walls of its $3.5 million condos. One new resident of the building that once offered to trade World Cup tickets for a sale tells the Times he recently moved into a $3.5 million two-bedroom...and found that the walls had primer on them, but no paint. The buyer, Richard H. Rothman, who had to hire a painter to finish up the apartment, was considering legal action until he found out that the primer-but-no-paint condition had been laid out in the building's offering plan. Oops. The moral of the story, according to the Times: check out your offering plan online, if it's available through Titlevest. Or maybe factor the cost of paint into your initial apartment bid.
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The Centurion

33 West 56th Street, New York, NY