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Washington Square Park Becoming All-Night Party...for Dogs

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Part of the controversial and, uh, slightly behind schedule Washington Square Park renovation is a relocated and renovated dog run on the south side of the park, which was supposed to be part of Phase II of the renovation but has been pushed back to Phase III, with construction kicking off in late spring/early summer. That's not the only big change for the puppy playground, The Villager notes.

When completed, there will be an entrance to the large dog run on Washington Square South, meaning that the dog run will be open overnight, even when the rest of the park is closed. A Parks Department spokesman believes this will be the first all-night dog run in one of the city's public parks. We'd say that dog owners are a lot different from the types of people who used to hang out around the park in the wee hours, but shoot, they both carry around lots of plastic bags!
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