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Can a Park Slope Lookin' House Sell in Williamsburg?

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Reading about the "trend" of parents moving to Williamsburg and the latest episode of Selling New York, we just couldn't help ourselves and decided to check out what's on the market in the 'burg lately. This townhouse on Bedford and North 9th looks more like a house you would find in brownstone Brooklyn rather than Williamsburg. We love the renovation, it's tasteful and doesn't look like it's trying too hard. Is it's only problem being located in a neighborhood where people are looking for condos? Or is it the $2,190,000 price, making each of it's 2,800 square feet cost $782? We think a dip right below the $2,000,000 barrier would garner a lot more attention for this property. There's an open house tomorrow, but it's by appointment only. Any weekend warriors willing to venture out?

· Listing: 157 Bedford Avenue