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Covering BQE Would Cure Asthma, Obesity, Diabetes, Gang Violence

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The poor BQE! Like some unloved stepchild, people are trying to keep the Moses-era (Robert, that is) expressway locked up in the basement. In Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, three proposals for hiding the highway are making the rounds, and now the Architect's Newspaper reports there's also a plan for covering up the South Williamsburg trench. Championed by Councilwoman Diana Reyna and designed by dlandstudio, the project would cap the six-lane highway with new parkland and ballfields, combat health issues that affect local children, and squash the this-side-of-the-BQE-versus-that-side gang beef. And here we thought South Williamsburg's biggest turf battle was hipsters vs. Hassids!

The renderings are preliminary, and the next step for the architects is to prepare cost-benefit and health analyses and create a design model for public presentation. Estimated budget range of this BQE-burying bonanza? Somewhere between $85 and $175 million. No problem, those burgers and dogs will just cost $100,000 each.
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