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PriceUpped West Village Penthouse Shows Off Its Renovation

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Suddenly, everything about PHCD at 2 Horatio Street makes more sense. The penthouse was on the market in 2008 asking $7.495 million, and came back last week after a hiatus with a shocker of a $14.95 million price tag. Turns out that's because of a renovation by interior decorator Lauren Stern, described today in Architects + Artisans. (UPDATE: Architects Hottenroth + Joseph were also involved in the renovation.) The sellers wanted the place to feel like a hotel they liked in Capri, which to Stern meant custom molding, antique mantels, modern furniture, and popping colors. The faded photos in the original listing didn't quite capture the new look, but there's now an updated version. That $14.95M looking any more likely?

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2 Horatio Street

2 Horatio St., New York, NY 10014