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Hey, Park Avenue, How Does Your Rose Garden Grow?

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In honor of today's high of 17 degrees, there are...roses on Park Avenue? The official unveiling is tomorrow, but artist Will Ryman's installation "The Roses" is already up on Park between 57th and 67th streets. The tallest fake flowers?made of fiberglass and stainless steel, and looking about as expected?are 25 feet high, and 20 fake petals on the ground can also be used as seats. We hunted through Flickr for some shots. According to the Times, by including bugs as well as flowers, "Ryman aims to stir a sense of foreboding that will contrast with the project's more obvious feel-good symbolism." Those who stop to smell the roses today probably will feel a sense of foreboding...of frostbite.

And the flowers at their full height:

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